Monday, May 25, 2009

Wisma Wirabuana Bandung...Extremely Cheap yet Fine Motel..

Can you find a motel at a big city, such Bandung, Indonesia, with a rate as much as IDR 80,000/room/night..? well if you can, then compare it with the motel in the title above. Here is some snapshots for you to imagine:

inside a room


front view

Isn’t that an extremely friendly room for 80,000 IDR (USD 8)?

Maybe at another city….just maybe…you can find a motel as cheap and fine as Wirabuana, but definitely, it is the cheapest at Bandung with such a comfortable place. Trust me. I’ve done some research on that.

The motel is located at Gandapura Street #31, phone: +62 22 4240262. Not too far from Riau Street, only a couple hundred meters away. It’s owned by Kodam Wirabuana, a major Indonesian Army Unit based in Makassar, Sulawesi and is run by their representative at Bandung. It’s intended primarily for the military member themselves in case they need a place to stay at Bandung, but it is also open for public/civilian only on weekdays. Usually, on weekend, the motel is full, filled by the army. Surely, however, if you check-in on weekdays, you are still allowed to stay on the weekend. They won’t kick you out of the motel……:) while you stay. It just can’t be reserved (for public) for weekend.

As it’s owned by the military, then not surprisingly the motel environment is very clean inside and know how they put a discipline on cleanliness....... giving you a high comfort while you at the motel. And obviously, you can find yourself at a high security level considering who run the motel…..:)

This place really helped me out when I took SCJP exam not too long ago at Bandung. I was able to take a maximum sleep in my room that I could optimally recharge my energy for the exam. No wonder then on the exam day my best performance rocks out and I passed the exam with a good mark. I was an SCJP since then!!!

I dedicate this post to Wirabuana and for everyone who read this, especially for you with backpacker-class money inside your pocket, I recommend you to consider this motel to stay whenever you plan to have a trip to Bandung. Be sure to book first, call them first, that’s better than going directly to them and asking for a room.

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