Saturday, January 15, 2011

Easy Steps to Create HD Video for Youtube Using Avidemux 2.5

That’s right. It’s easy to create a high quality video that will be considered as HD video by Youtube. All you need, besides your own video file of course, is a video editing software called Avidemux 2.5. It’s free and in fact it’s one of the best free video editor available today. It also is very lightweight (10.75 MB, windows version) and very well documented. So, get your own copy of Avidemux 2.5 right away for free at and install it on your computer.

For your video to be displayed by Youtube as an HD video, it needs to have the following
  1. The video is encoded as MPEG-4 AVC video or it is also known as H.264 video.
  2. The Audio is encoded as stereo MP3 with bitrate at least 128
  3. If the video’s aspect ratio is 4:3 then its resolution must be at least 640 x 480 or if your video’s aspect ratio is 16:9 (widescreen) then its resolution must be at least 1280 x 720.
  4. The Video’s frame rate is 30
  5. The video’ bitrate is at least 6500
  6. The video’s container/format is MP4.

If your video does not fit the above spec (one or all of it), Edit your video accordingly with Avidemux:
  1. First of all, open the Avidemux and import (open) your video.
  2. At the left side of the window, you see options for video, audio, and format. Set video to MPEG-4 AVC, audio to MP3 (lame), and format to MP4.
  3. On the video option at the left side, click button ‘Configure’ to open video configuration dialog:
    At the General tab, set Encoding Mode to ‘Average Bitrate (Two Pass)’ and Average Bitrate 6500 kbps or more.
    At Motion tab, set Subpixel Refinement to its maximum level (Best):

    At Frame tab, set Frame Encoding to CABAC and Loop Filter like the following
  4. Still on video option at the left side, click button Filters to open the following Video Filter Manager dialog box,

    On the box Available Filters, you see all filters available in Avidemux, select filter Transform and you will see several means of transformation filter inside the middle box of the dialog.
    Double click filter ‘MPlayer resize’ and the following dialog should appear,
    Uncheck ‘Lock Aspect Ratio’ and set the dimension to 1280 x 720 for aspect ratio 16:9 or to 640 x 480 for aspect ratio 4:3.
  5. Then click OK. This will resize your video to the desired dimension of an HD video.
    Now, back to Video Filter Manager dialog box, double click filter ‘Resample fps’ and the following box should appear,

    Set frame rate to 30 and click OK
    Close the Video Filter Manager dialog box
  6. On the audio option at the left side, click button Configure to show the following dialog
    Set bitrate to at least 128 and the other property to the same configuration shown in the above picture.
  7. DONE!
    Now you can save your video and upload it to Youtube.
The longer your video is, the longer is the time needed to encode your video and the larger the video’s size is going to be. For example a video with duration as long as 00:05:07 could take half an hour to encode and could be 240 MB by size.


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Thanks a lot for this post, i have been looking for this tutorial, i need to learn how to start from the begining. Trying to promote my blog hotnigerianews with Youtube. But i don't know how to even start!

asot said...

Thank You !

Anonymous said...

thanks for the help.its taken some time to find this help.Quite surprising that Avidemux dont supply this info.
Failed first attempt.Will persevere.


Anonymous said...

Second attempt appeared to be successful.No failed notice this time:)
One problem,strange though it may seem is that i cannot figure how to save the video file! If i hit the Save button it starts going through the configuration routine again.
Theres no 'Save as' option. What am I overlooking please.


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Thanks, man!