Monday, June 22, 2009

My Facebook is My Blog

It’s been a long time since I’ve been leaving facebook up until this moment. I’ve never opened my facebook page for over 10 months by now. Although facebook sent a lot of updates to my email regularly, I would just ignore them or delete the message from my email inbox. The reason that forces me to do that is…well, let’s say, caused by a complex complicated situation.

Let’s not talking about what kind of complex complicated situation I face right now, ok?…rather, in this post, I want to tell you that I want to move everything you can find in my facebook to my blog, which I opened around 2 months ago at here, I would centralize all my social accounts in the internet into only one place, that’s my blog. That’s said I would invite all of my friends listed in my facebook, as well as in my friendster and all potential new friends whoever you are, to visit me anytime at my blog rather than at my facebook or friendster. Note: everything I say about facebook here applies to friendster too.

So, I encourage you to post comments, public messages, testimonials and everything in my blog and if you want to send a private message, sent it directly to my email You, also, will be able to find a set of pictures of mine, just like what you can do at facebook. For that purposes, I will setup everything it needs to make my blog looks like a facebook. And thanks to, that would be an easy job since they provide many cool widgets whom I can put in every post pages.

The main reason for me to do that, i.e. moving my facebook to my blog, is that, in my opinion, blog is more valuable than facebook in general. With blog, I can post my thoughts, my knowledge, my experience, and everything in a better way than what facebook can give. Facebook isn’t intended for blogging anyway. Its main purpose is to provide facility for social networking. And that’s why it lacks of means for blogging. But, for social networking...facebook is the best.

What I really want, actually, is that I could still do social networking while I’m blogging. And at some point, also provides tools for social networking, aside for blogging tools. Besides, my reader can do standard facebook’s job, such as leaving messages, testimonials, reviewing pictures, etc, in my blog. Now comes the important part, has facilities beyond what I need to just post my article. It has cool gadgets with which I can provide my visitor a number of cool things. For example, I can place a google search box in my blog pages, so that the visitor doesn’t need to open another browser window and go to I can also place a polling gadget that enables me to make some surveys about particular issues from my visitors. I can also put newsreel gadget that shows visitors the most current headline news from Google News. Well…those are only three examples, actually has many more facilities in form of gadgets I and my visitor can take benefit of. Ow, and I doubt that facebook has all three facilities I mentioned above, not to mention the other things I can get from gadgets.

Note that I have no intention to discard my facebook account all the way. In fact, I will still keep my facebook to maintain relationship with friends. Only that I won’t update my facebook anymore as I will focus only at my blog from now on.

So now, I would say one more time that I invite all of my friends, whether or not you are listed in my facebook or my friendster, to drop by my blog anytime. I welcome every opinion, comments, review, and input from you regarding about me, my article, or everything. If you have your own blog, then we can start to interconnect our blog using blogroll tools. You can also view my recent blogroll, and if you want, you can too interconnect with them. The same thing goes for me too. Isn’t such interconnection what we call Social Networking…..?


zakki djamin said...

nice idea bro.. I'w waiting for new information from you hehe.. :-)

Anonymous said...

Keep going bro...^_^

ud said...

peu haba bang khomeini...