Tuesday, July 7, 2009

This is how a world-class CEO performed a presentation

I’d like to show you a Youtube video that I found around 1 year ago. Well, I know it’s too long for me to post it now, but since I personally think that this video is worth watching for everyone, then here it is…a video of “How a World-Class CEO Made a Presentation”.

This is not my video anyway. Someone identified himself as nfoo posted this video 2 years ago. So I’d like to thank him for posting this really great Video on Youtube and thus enables everyone to watch it at no cost and see how a world-class CEO made a presentation.

The CEO i'm talking about is Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO. 2 years ago, On January 9, 2007, Steve made a public presentation to introduce IPhone. The presentation was very successful that I personally think that it is the best presentation I've ever seen which is why I post it here. It would be a good reference for us on how a good presentation should look like. After all, the presentation was performed by a world-class CEO like Steve Jobs.

Ok...enough talking....let's just start to see, again, a world-class presentation...

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