Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Home Loan for Beginner

Well..first…actually….the one I call beginner in the title above is Me….yeahh…Me…and perhaps you are too….;)

It’s everyone’s dream of having a dream home and I’m no exception. I’ve got to think, and so have you, as soon as possible about my future home, what I need to do to purchase one, and how long from now I have to have one.

A standard small home in the urban area of Jakarta costs more than 100 million IDR at a very minimum. For an ordinary man like me, it’s unlikely that I will be able to collect such amount of money in a couple of years..or even probably more…That’s why I think getting a home loan is the most reasonable choice I could get at this moment…

For Indonesians….a good resource about home loan, and a lot of other stuffs related to property, is www.rumah123.com. They provide a home-loan calculator for estimating installment per month for a specification of a home loan provided by various Indonesian banks. The calculator URL is http://www.rumah123.com/clients/calculator/?properti=realestate.

Below is a list* of home-loan providers in Indonesia with their respective rate

Loan-Provider Bank



14% (Fixed 1 year)


14,5 - 17,5% (10 years)
15,5 - 18,5% (> 10 years)


13% (Fixed 1 - 2 years)


13,49% (Fixed 6 months)
13,99% (Fixed 1 year)
14,99% (Fixed 3 years)

CIMB Niaga

15% (Fixed 1 year)


13,25% (Fixed 3 months)
15% (Fixed 12 months)
16% (Fixed 24 months)


13% (Fixed 3 months)
13,5% (Fixed 6 months)
13,5% (Fixed 1 year)
14,5% (Fixed 2 year)
15% (Fixed 3 years)


14,99% (Fixed 1 year)


13,25% (Fixed 6 months)


13% (Fixed 6 months)
13,25% (Fixed 1 year)


15% (Fixed 1 year)


13,5% (Fixed 6 months)

UOB Buana

13% (Fixed 1 year)

*Source: http://www.rumah123.com/clients/calculator/?properti=realestate

There are plenty factors you have to think about, which could depend on individuals, before making your choice. Ultimately, whatever type of loan from whichever provider you choose, one thing is certain: your hopeful home must be the one you want. It probably couldn’t fit all of your criteria of a dream home, but surely it has to be the one that you feel most comfortable with. Be very careful in your decision, you really don’t want to regret the wrong choice of home later.


Mi Sinyak said...

Wow... thats really really high interest rate for a home loan... WOW!!!

Do you know, here in the U.S. the interest rate for a 30-years fix rate is below 5%!!!!

Can't imagine how much Riba you have to pay for those more that 10% interest rate

Khomeini said...

Off course.... that's United States we're talking about...

can't imagine too sist.. but let's face it...we're not really as good as them when it comes to syaria implementation... :(

anyway... it's good to hear ur comment again although it took me 6 months to reply it....sorry for that....and what an adorable baby you that's in your arm....

Metcon Finance said...

I agree with what you have to say..... Home loan providers in India