Monday, July 13, 2009

Sami Yusuf and Mohammad al Husayn

Ever heard of the two names above…? I know both are common names for moslem could be one of your brothers or your friends who happen to have those names. But here I’m talking about two nasheed singers that independently created albums that contain GREAT … GREAT … GREAT … nasheeds everyone should, or precisely, must enjoy…

Among their songs…I got 2 songs that I like the most and I’d like to share them here to you through Youtube video.

The first song is “Asma Allah”. It comes from Sami Yusuf album, “Without You”, that’s released on 2009. The second song is “Ya Mawlay” from Muhammad Husein Album, “Mawlay”. Both songs are very beautiful and heart-touchy. They will touch your deepest emotion and you’re gonna start to cry as soon as you listen to them for the first time. Even if you have listened to them multiple times, it’s so likely you will still unable not to cry….

I found both songs on Youtube like a year ago. Asma Allah comes with a video clips while Ya Mawlay has no clips but someone has made a simple-self-made clip for it which is a very nice slideshow of mosques and moslem people.

Million Thanks for Awakening Records who posted “Asma Allah” clip on Youtube on Dec 2008 and for ilovemydeen who posted and creatively created“Ya Mawlay” clip on May 2007.

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Asma Allah Video

Ya Mawlay Video

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